Sarah Hollebon

Asymmetric Repurposed Dress

This unique one off Sarah Hollebon dress is made from cotton/linen mix and silk fabric. The floral silk panel has been repurposed from a vintage pleated skirt sourced from Leeds, UK. The handwoven straps are made from ribbon remnants. This unique dress holds a personal message of well-being. The ribbon weaves throughout to create a strap which then supports the dress and person wearing it. The straps weave together representing how important it is to have a supportive network around you, whether it consists of a close friend, family member, or a professional. The bust line holds Sarah Hollebon’s signature asymmetric style. It’s important for us all to know that someone’s tools for coping with their mental health might not be the same as someone else’s, and that is okay. Sometimes we need to test out new methods and tools in order to find the ones that suit us best. Dress size in CM - Bust: 100 Waist: 91 Strap length: 40 Garment length: 62

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