TLZ Movement

TLZ reworked t-shirt with weaving

Send us your t-shirt, we select the best weaved piece with a similar thickness and the result will be unique. Weaved by Janine from Freeweaver Saori Studio based also in East London like us. We are studio neighbors :)This is not a patch, it is even better! It doesn't go on top of the t-shirt, instead we cut the garment so it becomes one sharing the same layer.Let us know which colors and size you prefer; we will contact you after the purchase trough email so we can select together the size, placement, colors and composition of the weaving as closest as we can to your wishes ;)As this is a zero waste production we only sell the service: you send us trough mail your garment and we make the design on it. After two weeks you have it back ready to wear!You can make this amazing reworking in all kind of garments, check the rest of the options we have :)

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