Mastering new life skills for local communities!


These regular workshops are made to transfer and preserve skills and craftmanship, empowering participants to discover the value of creating from waste and helping to define a better planet and future for new generation to come.
"We want to create a space which encourages people and communities to use what already exists whilst inspiring entrepreneurship."  - Juliet HerreraFounder
These workshops are part of a project leveraging the power of fashion, making and story telling to shift the current narrative around youth violence and other societal issues through design activism.
The workshops, which focused on using various hand-crafted techniques to restore and redesign old pieces, was an opportunity to educate and up-skill the project participants on a creative way reduce waste and to have a
positive impact on the planet.
Hand-stitching workshop – held at Lab E20 space, Stratford – part of
project ReGo
“I love upcycling my clothing, today I brought an old blazer from my closet, I cannot wait to embroid it.” -  Imma
“Embroidery is about patience, you really need to take your time and have a steady hand!  
- Maria
”Thank you so much Juliet or helping me pick out suitable fabrics and learn a new skill today ." - Sara

I also hope that the skills acquired in these workshops will lead to new opportunities and a brighter future for the participants taking part.”​

- Juliet HererraFounder




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