The Reclaimery is on a mission to transform fashion into a more circular industry while supporting positive impact to both people and planet.


We are an ethical and sustainable brand, championing the transition to a more circular economy. Our commitment to training and creating paid opportunities for vulnerable communities sits at the heart of everything we do. 


Working with fashion brands and individuals, we transform current clothing items into new collections and styles. From these projects, we are creating fair paid job opportunities for our trained ´Reclaimers´. 


Striving to up-skill hundreds of UK individuals from vulnerable communities through this model, remaking unwanted garments and transforming them into unique pieces for re-wear or re-sale, while generating income for them through this process. 


By repurposing existing garments we also prevent thousands of garments from going to waste in landfills.


LCF Ambassador

As ambassador of the London College of Fashion, we also hold workshops specifically for the local community of Poplar.