Sarah Hollebon

Repurposed Patchwork Skirt

This unique one off Sarah Hollebon skirt has been created with 100% wool and the waistband is made from Linton Tweed fabric swatches. The flowy skirt is lined with luxurious thick red lining and has side pockets! This unique skirt also has a message of mental well-being. The seams of the skirt flow up down up down, showing us that people with mental ill health can have days full of laughter, brightness, and happiness, and then also have days that are challenging, tough, and mentally strenuous. Mental ill health does not have a set emotion, nor a set routine and with the right support and help In place, people can live a balanced and calm life. Size dimensions in CM - Waist 81 Waistband depth 7.5 Skirt length: 73

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