The Reclaimery is a digital circular platform that integrates communities, consumers and the planet.


We focus on social and sustainable practices, carefully working only with what already exist and local communities to reimagine products that positively impact both people and the planet.

We recreate old garments, waste materials and deadstock fabrics using artisanal and handcrafted techniques to reclaim the forgotten value of old pieces allowing a new collaborative synergy to be born.

After 15 years of experience working within the industry, founder Juliet Herrera has experienced first-hand the fundamental need for change. As a result, The Reclaimery was born in 2020 to take action and challenge the negative impact the fashion industry has on people and the planet.

- “Now, we must all take responsibility for the entire life cycle of the garments we produce. It should no longer be a choice but a necessity. “

Whilst in Barcelona, Juliet owned two atelier’s offering bespoke and customization services, which allowed her to increase her knowledge of experimental and handcraft luxury techniques while creating opportunities for women at the head of the family to make a living for them. As a result, the Reclaimery's essence emerged.

The Reclaimery's mission is to leverage technology to positively impact consumers, communities and the planet.