Reclaimed denim meets Furious Goose at OXO Tower for a Day of Sustainability

The Reclaimery took its sustainable upcycling skills to Furious Goose at Oxo Tower on the weekend and worked its craftsmanship magic on a pair of jeans using silk scarves hand-crafted by Patrick Morrison, designer and founder of Furious Goose. This partnership was truly special for The Reclaimery as not only were they able to co-create in a truly chic and fabulous space, but they were also provided with the opportunity to collaborate with fashion-forward individuals like Patrick to create one-of-a-kind sustainable designs. All Furious Goose silk designs are individually created by Morrison, something which The Reclaimery takes pride in producing. 



When Furious Goose found itself with some leftover scarf stock, instead of choosing to simply throw it away, Morrison decided to think eco-consciously with the planet in mind and summoned the upcycling skills of The Reclaimery. Decisions like these are crucial to building a more sustainable future as not only does it produce a garment that is embedded with a true one-of-a-kind quality that runs deep within, but it also prevents the build-up of landfill in the long run.


The event was a great success as a pair of black denim jeans was hand-crafted into a Furious Goose X The Reclaimery collaborative masterpiece. Morrison is a leading example for many other designers, reiterating the message that old stock doesn't need to meet the landfill floor once it is no longer in use. Taking the initiative to summon The Reclaimery for customisation collaboration is beneficial for the consumer and brand as it leaves the shopper with a piece entirely made for them, and it sets up a healthy relationship between the planet and the brand.   



Denim Amnesty is all about giving and receiving. When a denim item is given not only are you in the running for a discount voucher, but you are also enabling the continuation of Reclaimery craftsmanship. These craftsmanship skills are responsible for coming up with new inspiring designs that can be worn by the most fashion-forward individuals. As Christmas gets nearer The Reclaimery would like to reach out to all eager shoppers and encourage them to take The Reclaimery route by purchasing a garment that is hand-crafted and beneficial for the environment. 

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Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director