The Reclaimer's Graduation Showcase Unveils Hand-Crafted World of Creativity

The culmination of The Reclaimery's six-week programme resulted in a spectacular graduation showcase which brought together brilliant creative minds and the fashion storytellers of the future.


Our six-week training program opened up The Reclaimer route to individuals who have had a past passion for craftsmanship or for individuals who have never picked up a needle before, allowing them to start. The amazing women who engrossed themselves in the world of embellishments and appliques for six-weeks took audiences into their hand-crafted world for one night only and it was a monumental event. As each participant graced the stage and told their story, the panel of inspiring judges Caroline Murray, Rebecca Refrio, and Marianie Morazzani looked on and learnt all about the stories that stood behind the garments. There were beloved coats that no longer fit, there were children's t-shirts which held too many memories to throw away, and of course, there were garments which had collected stains and needed revamping. 



Founder Juliet Herrera looked on in pride at the creatives she had nurtured across the three-hour sessions every Wednesday. It all began with a session on learning a quick stitch to ending with the application of appliques to garments which now come with embedded memories. In her introductory words, she mentioned the benefits of craftsmanship for personal fulfilment and this was clear to see. Not only had the women produced garments they could call their own,they had also made close-knit bonds with aspiring creatives just like themselves. 


 We couldn't have a showcase dedicated to Reclaimers starting their creative journey without the presence of individuals already immersed halfway within their own. Our judges of the night, Caroline Murray, Rebecca Refrio, and Marianie Morazzani took the topic of sustainability and used it to discuss their experiences as creatives within the fashion industry, where they see the future of sustainable fashion and how they can make a difference in a world dominated and brought down by fast fashion. Each panellist had a story to tell which was defined by their experiences with sustainable fashion when it was first addressed within society, and where it is now. These reflections were not only imparted to our reclaimers but also to our audience members who were made up of loved ones, friends and creatives within their field. The support present made the night even more special, and as they listened to a story about a garment that had been on a journey of reclamation, you could truly sense that the future of sustainable fashion and circularity was in the right hands. 


Our Reclaimers are the foundations of our company-  their creative contribution and commitment are crucial to our efforts in making the fashion climate circular. Without their creative minds and talent, we wouldn't be able to create one-of-a-kind garments that prevent the build-up of landfill. The Reclaimery's training programmes open up opportunities for individuals who will benefit from learning craftsmanship skills, enriching the community and giving them a creative outlet to earn a salary. 


Their dedication to creating upcycled garments made the graduation showcase a night never to be forgotten! 











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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director