Happy Waste-Mas!

The most wonderful time of the year is also the most wasteful time of the year.


1.7 million sequinned garments end up in landfills every year after the Christmas season has passed according to Oxfam and the waste doesn’t stop there. Celebrators will wear an outfit they purchased specially for the Christmas season a maximum of five times before throwing it away, preventing the circular fashion cycle. Spreading the joy of Christmas cheer is never extended to the environment at the least sustainable time of the year. 


That is why Reclaimery is encouraging shoppers to give back the gift of sustainability to their wardrobe this festive season. Whether it’s through our recent denim amnesty campaign or attending any of our co-creation experiences at upcoming pop-ups, we are ensuring that there are multiple circular paths available for the consumer to go down before consulting landfill. The Reclaimery is all about utilising the options out there that will contribute to a more circular wardrobe and fashion climate, and it is our responsibility to guide you on this sustainable journey in preparation for the most wasteful time of the year. 


When the clothes have been tried on and the tags have been ripped off it is easy to forget about the circular life of the garment sitting in your lap after chasing it down all year round. To the consumer, it may just be a useful dress that can be worn a couple of times at a few events before it is deemed out of fashion, but to the environment, it is a piece of clothing that will take over 200 years to decompose. If the garment you wore for Christmas dinner no longer suits your festive fancy, we can take it off your hands and provide you with the option of sustainable customisation. Whether it is sprucing your piece up with one-of-a-kind embellishments or stitching on unique patterns that tell a story- The Reclaimery can make your sustainable visions a reality. 






According to Atomik Research, Brits have thirty-two items of clothing in their wardrobe that have not been worn for twelve months. When Christmas rolls around every year, this number goes on to increase until the consumer gets to the point where they fall out of love with their entire wardrobe and feel the need to purchase a brand new one. Through the act of Reclaiming, consumers can create a brand-new circular wardrobe by working with what they already have, and it is a collaboration focused on you and your creative vision. Although 61% of Brits refuse to recycle their old Christmas outfit, by setting the tone for the year ahead by reclaiming, individuals can avoid Deja vu in the office when the mulled wine comes out and serve sustainable looks with what has already been cooked.




Christmas jumpers never go out of sustainable style. Rudolph, Santa Claus, and the Snowman, are all figures which will continue to brace the front of jumpers for the rest of eternity. The Reclaimery suggests keeping Rudolph in your wardrobe but sprucing him up with the art of reclaiming. Whether it is enhancing your jumper up with golden embroidery or shining jewels that glint like presents basking in the fireplace glow, there are many different routes you can take with the same jumper from Christmas past, and you can do so in a way that still crowns you best Christmas jumper winner of 2023.


Don't turn the planet into a Grinch this festive season- extend your happiness through the act of reclaiming! 

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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director