Small steps towards big solutions – we know they can make a difference. Which is why this year we wanted to take our annual Sock Amnesty to the next level. We wanted to use the donations this year as an opportunity to close the loop on the lifecycle of these socks by upcycling them into warm, useful items for those facing homelessness. We found our partner for this project in Juliet Herrera, founder of The Reclaimery.

Born in Colombia, Juliet has always been passionate about fashion – but also about using it to make a positive impact on the communities around her. Her talent for designing, sewing and repurposing garments has seen her own her own ateliers in Spain and London as well as help clients edit clothes into exciting new pieces. However, it was the pandemic that pushed her to embark on her newest venture – The Reclaimery. With a mission to transform fashion into a more circular industry while supporting positive environmental and social change, The Reclaimery works with local London communities to give them the training and skills needed to upcycle and repurpose clothing into new, fashionable and wearable pieces.

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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director