The Ins and Outs of The Reclaimery Training Programme


Everything there is to know about our training programmes- Your Questions Answered. 


We cannot talk about our collections without talking about some of the amazing creatives behind them- our Reclaimers.They are a group of highly skilled and professional craftsmanship creatives. Becoming a Reclaimer is a position that is open to all through our training programmes.


By focusing on areas of the community that require uplifting and circular solutions to support them creatively and economically, The Reclaimery can renovate and transform clothes whilst also transforming the lifestyles of individuals. Here are all your questions answered about our frequent training programmes! 


What is The Reclaimery training programme?


A: Our training programmes typically span six weeks and aim to empower members of the community with valuable skills such as embroidery and put them in the front seat of designer, giving them creative freedom to transform any garment of theirs into something entirely one-of-a-kind!


Q: How does The Reclaimery's training programme work?


A: Our training programme at The Reclaimery is a creative, enriching group experience where participants learn practical skills like embroidery, sewing and upcycling techniques. We start with the basics, teaching simple stitches, and gradually progress to more advanced techniques over the course of six weeks as they unleash their learnt craftsmanship skills onto their garments!  Each participant brings an old garment from their wardrobe, which they will reclaim and redesign using the skills they've learnt throughout the programme. 


Q: What are the goals of The Reclaimery's training programme?


A: The primary goal of our training programme is to empower individuals within the community by equipping them with valuable skills they can use to enhance their creativity and self-expression. Additionally, we aim to promote sustainability by encouraging participants to repurpose and redesign existing garments rather than buying new ones.


Q: What can participants expect to learn during The Reclaimery's training programme?


A: Participants in our training programme will learn the art of embroidery, starting from basic stitches and gradually advancing to more complex techniques. They will also gain invaluable experience in garment redesign and repurposing, learning how to breathe new life into old clothing items.


Q: Who can participate in The Reclaimery's training programme?


A: Our training programme is open to individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds within disadvantaged communities. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience with embroidery or simple sewing, everyone is welcome to join us on this creative journey of reclaiming and redesigning garments.



Q: How can someone get involved in The Reclaimery's training programme?


A: To participate in our training programme, individuals can reach out to The Reclaimery directly through our website or social media channels. We typically announce upcoming sessions and enrollment dates through these platforms. No prior experience is required, just a willingness to learn and a desire to unleash your creativity! 

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