Celebrating Craftsmanship and Embracing Style Across London: The Reclaimery's Co-Creation Desk Meets Office-Desks Across London


In a world dominated by fast fashion, The Reclaimery is revolutionising the industry by embracing personalised fashion and sustainable practices. With their Co-Creation Desks now moving into offices, this London-based company is taking their unique customization services to a whole new level. By combining craftsmanship preservation, cultural appreciation, and customer collaboration, The Reclaimery aims to redefine the fashion industry and create a positive impact on people and the planet.


The Reclaimery's Co-Creation Desks have found a new home in offices across London, allowing fashion enthusiasts and office-goers alike to celebrate individuality through personalised fashion. Founder Juliet Herrera describes these desks as "hubs for creative expression, cultural appreciation, and craftsmanship preservation." By offering customisations within office environments, The Reclaimery provides a unique opportunity for individuals to express their personal style and contribute to the preservation of craftsmanship heritage, even during their work hours.


The Reclaimery's commitment to sustainability extends to their presence in office spaces. By integrating their Co-Creation Desks within workplaces, they promote a culture of conscious consumption and repurposing existing resources. This approach aligns with their belief in the circular economy and their dedication to reducing waste. The Reclaimery actively encourages employees to bring in their clothing and accessories, giving them the chance to transform these items into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their personality and style.


With the Co-Creation Desks now available in offices, The Reclaimery aims to customise a significant number of garments before Christmas this year. By inviting employees to participate in the customisation process, they create an opportunity for individuals to redefine their office attire and inject their own unique flair. Through customisations, employees can create statement pieces that not only align with their personal style but also carry a story of reclamation and personalisation, sparking conversations and connections within the workplace.


To celebrate the launch of their customisation services in offices, The Reclaimery is hosting exclusive events within these workplace settings. These events offer employees the chance to witness live demonstrations by The Reclaimery's talented artisans, showcasing the transformative power of personalised fashion. By fostering a sense of community within the office environment, The Reclaimery aims to raise awareness about the importance of craftsmanship, sustainability, and individuality in the workplace.


The Reclaimery's Co-Creation Desks moving into offices mark a significant step in the fashion revolution, where personal expression and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. By bringing their unique customisation services to workplaces, The Reclaimery invites employees to celebrate craftsmanship, embrace personal style, and support the growth of local communities, all within the professional setting. It's time to join The Reclaimery in celebrating individuality and making a difference through fashion, even during office hours.

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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director