Denim Amnesty: Transforming Old Denim Pieces into a Sustainable Future


The denim pieces in anyone's closet are statement items, loaded with memories. That's why when the time comes around to throw these pieces away it can be a tough goodbye. In the past month, the Reclaimery has sent out an appeal to old and unworn denim items in the wardrobes of many with the launch of its denim amnesty campaign. This campaign sets out to spruce up and bring new life to denim which has been neglected, instilling love into pieces which come loaded with memories. Londoners who donate and bring their pieces to The Reclaimery are also offered a £30 discount voucher which provides them with a discount on any service when spending over £75. This voucher system means that not only can they deck out their old denim, they can also get a reclaimed item on top of such. 


The Reclaimery hopes that it's denim amnesty campaign will promote circular shopping choices, and it has already been taken on by pop-up store Lone Design Club in the past month. Based in it's Angel Islington premises, The Reclaimery gave shoppers the opportunity to have a discussion about all things denim-related at its co-creation desk, having conversations about how shoppers would like their old denim to be designed and enable the shopper to instil new life into denim pieces holding extreme sentimental value. As a material, denim is extremely durable and so by focusing on denim in particular, The Reclaimery hopes that it can provide Londoners with a reliable wardrobe that comes with the added touch of reclaimed fashion. 



According to Make Fashion Better, up to 20% of denim is wasted in the production of denim clothing, with much of this waste ending up in landfill. It is a statistic that The Reclaimery hopes to turn around with the introduction of it's denim amnesty campaign, and it sets out to be a love letter to all denim owners who are unaware that there is a second option out there which must be crucially taken into account before throwing away any denim pieces. 


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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director