The Reclaimery Co-Creation Desk is defined by its hands-on approach to craftsmanship, igniting the imagination of individuals as they are invited to bring their old clothes in for reimagining, rediscovering and reconnecting at our desks located all across London. It's a conversation about an old garment, it is an in-depth exchange between the reclaimer and the consumer. Those who choose the co-creation desk for their old clothes will take their items on a journey from the bottom of their wardrobe to the high street with a brand-new look which reflects their individuality. 


The Reclaimery invites Londoners to discuss what inspires them at our co-creation desks. These conversations are crucial in the design process when it comes to instilling identity and individuality within their new garments. 


The Co-Creation desk opens up a new sustainable door with the consumer never knew they had lurking at the back of their closet. Once they have opened this door of circular possibilities, they can find themselves avidly bringing their clothes to be tailored and customised in whatever way they choose.



The Co-creation desk can turn the little black dress into an embellished T-shirt with taffeta sleeves, it can turn an old pair of denim jeans into a halter-neck top which fits the customer perfectly. The most simple and amazing thing about this process is that garment potential is unlocked with a simple conversation with one of our Reclaimers. Professionals within the fields of fashion design, textiles and craft our Reclaimers will reconnect you with your dream garment and vision, armed with their tools of artistry, precision and craft capability. Their flexibility knows no bounds; whether you would like to transform a gown or a pair of shorts, they are armed at all times with the right creative direction and vision to ensure that your dreams are translated through design. 


We have taken our co-creation desk all across stores and offices, encouraging individuals that there is a way to avoid putting clothing in landfills. 


 Environmental charity Hubbub reported that 1 in 6 young people only like to wear an item once before throwing it away, there has never been a time more crucial than now to seek out our co-creation desks. In a world of fast fashion and immense clothing hauls that can be purchased within the few clicks of a button, the co-creation desk returns individuals with clothes that come with a sense of value, created by our Reclaimers who have embedded every idea and dream of the consumers into each and every stitch. The Co-creation desk prioritises fashion that is personable, reminding customers of a time before fast fashion and online-shopping when clothes were created with the same hand-stitched love and care of individuals dedicated to making a garment that reflects the individual in all of their glory. 



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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

Ebony Eagles
Auguste's Head Designer & Creative Director