The Reclaimery Opens Community Circular Hub

The Reclaimery Is Set For Its Most Creative Year Yet- Starting With The Opening of The Community Circular Hub

The Reclaimery’s Community Circular hub is providing the neighbourhood of Poplar with a space to explore the talents of Reclaimers within the community for six months. Not only does it sell exclusive hand-crafted garments and accessories made by The Reclaimery’s recent six-week training programme cohort, but it also offers a space for the community to explore sustainable practices, stressing the importance of the continuous circulation of resources and the transformation of waste into new products. 



Based at the community market within the Aberfeldy Centre, Reclaimery founder Juliet Herrera hopes that the space will not only open up the ‘creative landscape for the Poplar community’ but also ‘encourage individuals from all over to get involved’. Reclaimed fashion is a form of art that speaks to all and it knows no bounds. To unite the community through a space that aims to inspire and plant creative roots within everyone who comes to visit is an extremely special process to see. The space is defined by an element of absolute togetherness and it should be noted that the creativity doesn’t just extend to the hub. Herrera also notes that ‘reclaimed fashion isn’t and shouldn’t just be defined by spaces like this. The Hub works to start a conversation about what we are doing with the planet when it comes to the fashion industry, and The Reclaimery has no plans to slow down anytime soon as there is a lot more work to be done!’


Taking a recent visit to the hub a few days ago, the community spirit was apparent. Not only can you purchase hand-crafted tote bags, T-shirts and key rings alike, but you are also able to see the creative journey each Reclaimer has gone on as they took up The Reclaimery’s six-week training programme back in October last year. Every Reclaimer journey is unique and this story is told on first visit to the hub. Some choose to express their creativity through hand-drawn floral designs whilst others integrate bright colours into eye-catching bangles to tell a story of creative rejuvenation. The diversity of creativity present within the hub is a feast for the eyes, and this extends beyond the checkout. 


The Reclaimery will be providing the community with more creative workshops in the new year following the opening of the hub, and they are determined to give individuals all over a chance to get involved in crafting a more circular future through Reclaimed fashion.



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